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okay so i was going to post these ponderings i've had for the last few days but jason just called to go to lunch. i don't really wanna go because i was hoping to get things done. like find a job. gah. i know i'm horrible. i can't complain about my life when i'm not doing anything to fix it. anyway. so i'm going to go to lunch with him because i know how it feels to wanna go out to eat and have no one to go with. but i just wanted to post just how weird this day feels. i don't know if it's the weather or what. but when i woke up this morning, i had a really weird feeling. i think it's the weather. it's sticky and humid and makes me think of lonely days at my condo. this day just feels peculiar. i dont know. hard to describe. it's like nothing's wrong but something's not quite right. ooh that's a lyrics from a hanson song. bleh gotta go get dressed or something.
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