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Lost & Found.


you know when you don't know that something's lost until you need it and can't find it. that especially happens to me when it comes to cd's and movies. because i have so many, i don't notice it's missing until i feel like seeing or listening to it. well we've been playing music that we sell in the store and one of the songs is sarah maclachlan's building a mystery. and i thought, man i need to listen to that cd when i get home. and i thought it would be easy to find because i remember seeing it like 2 weeks ago when i was looking for another cd. so i go through all my stuff and did not find it. and i am perplexed because i remember seeing it but now maybe i thought i saw it because a lots of cd's have a black cover.

and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i remember that i have an old, black cd binder. and i say to myself, 'oh yeahhhh. that old black cd binder.' and then, 'oh shit, where is that thing?' you know how you're looking for something and you have an image or a feeling in your mind where you last saw it. like you can just picture it in that spot that you think you left it. yeah, i didn't get that feeling at all. i have no idea where that thing is. no clue. i haven't seen it in forever. i don't even remember packing it when i moved out of the condo. i don't remember seeing it anywhere. i don't even know if it's even in the house. i figured that i would be with all the other cds. it could be anywhere. i'm going to look in the garage later. i wonder if my dad saw it and took it. he never lets me know when he's going to borrow something.

grrr. so frustrating.
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