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sweet lime.

so apparently guys don't see me as the chick they'd like to ask out or bang. they seem to see me as the chick to go to for advice on what to do about this chick they like or complain about how much they need to get laid.

it's never, hey jeni, i wanted to ask you if you'd be interested in having dinner with me tonight.

it's always, hey jeni, i wanted to ask you your advice about what to do about this girl who wants to have sex with me.


hey jeni, i have a date with a girl tonight, which chick flick do you think would be good to rent?

i mean i love that people value my opinion and think i'm a fountain of wisdom but for once i'd like to be pleasantly surprised. like that one time when a neighbor came over and we ended up making out. of course that was the last time i saw him and have no idea what happened to him.

but anyway.

i'm just gonna shut up about boys. they need to stop being the focal point of things that are unimportant right now. especially since my libido has started to die down. i think the fact that things aren't working out is a sign that I need to focus on more important things. like moving on with my life and getting a real job and moving out and living somewhere new and having more life experiences.
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