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i don't even know you and you make me feel like i have to break up with you.

so i've given up on dating. i did consider becoming a lesbian because they just seem to have more fun and are more accepting and open minded. but then i really thought about it. and it'd just be the same shit except with vaginas.

you know... i've been thinking about it and guys really do have it easier when it comes to dating.

each guy is so different in what they are looking for. they seem so much more pickier. it's like i have to guess and come up with some crazy combination of attributes. they all seem to want girls who are fun, creative, funny, charming, quirky, interesting, ambitious, sexy, cute, tomboyish/sporty, smart, intelligent, sweet, cultured, well read, spontaneous, witty. it's frustrating.

friends tell me i should just be myself. yeah i know i should be myself. but i'm a freaking chameleon. a blank canvas. tell me who you want me to be and i'll be it, while still being myself. i'll just be a more enhanced version of myself. so i'll be crazy me, plus whatever funky trait you need for you to like me. i mean some of those traits i'll actually have to work at, like being well read and smart, etc.

then again, it's really a reflection of the other person. everyone i meet seems to bring out a different side of me. so if you bring out the crappy version of me, maybe it's because you suck and you're boring yourself so therefore i'm reacting to your boringness. or.. maybe i really am boring and you're reacting to my boringness so you're boring yourself. yeah okay, that theory sucks. forget that.

you know what else i hate? when a guy finds out a common interest he has with a girl and he gets excited and they bond over said interest. and i too also have that interest but since she brought it up first, it's like i don't count.

random girl: i have tickets to that Nadal match tomorrow.
guy: no way! that's so cool. i love tennis!
random girl: you're kidding! i love tennis too!
me: omg! me too!
guy: that's awesome. (guy ignores me, turns to random girl) anyway, i can't believe you also love tennis. who's your favorite player?


/end scene

seriously, guys have it easy. just make her laugh, tell her she's pretty, and give her chocolate.

yeah so i'm done. finito. it takes way too much time and effort.

also, another thing that is frustrating me. it takes me like 2 months to lose like 2 inches. and only 2 weeks to put it back on. grrr. wtf. i had an insane 2 weeks where i had a brutal work schedule so i didn't watch my weight and this is the punishment i get. it's like hey, congratulations on getting through 2 weeks of hell. and this is my reward? cut me some fucking slack world.
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