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wtf. what is this?

so i'm in a weirdly good mood right now. it's really weird. because all this bad shit is happening but then all this good stuff is happening simultaneously so the bad shit is taking a backseat right now. so it's still there and happening but there's so much other good stuff happening?

i've been experiencing these very wild extremes. just low and high back and forth, unexpectantly. i wake up and have no idea how i'm going to be for the day. i'm going through a weird phase in my life where everything is very uncertain and unexpected. maybe it's just the month.

i have a hopefully good and jam packed weekend, mostly saturday ahead of me. i'm excited.

why is it that everyone has to come into town at the very same time?

so one crappy thing (of many) to happen is my good friend amanda moving to minneapolis very suddenly. like friday she was here and then, oh guess what work is transferring me on monday. like that's insane. so i have one less person to hang out with. but then both mitzi and another good friend are both in town at the very same time. and besides that, all this other stuff is happening, like random events and such. all on the same night. frick!

so tomorrow i have a super early hair appointment. i tracked down my hair stylist, thank god, who moved to a different salon. unlike commitments and dating, everyone, no exception, wants to have like a serious, long term commitment with their hair dresser. because once you find someone you know and trust and they know you and exactly what you like and looks good, you don't ever want to lose them. so hair tomorrow. then possibly a breakfast date that i don't really want to go on anymore now that other stuff in the plot has developed. and then dinner. and then a night out with mitzi, and hopefully other people.

and then i have this guy that i'm sort of seeing but not really anymore after finding out some interesting stuff that has happened. so he's going to be in town for business for the next four weeks. um yeah.

and then there's 4th of july.

then everyone will go back to their respective homes and things will get boring again and then all the bad shit will resurface.
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