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wife beater with the denim.

so it's almost 7 am. and i know you're like, wow you stayed up late. because that's what i do. but actually i'm up early. waiting around for a subbing job to open up. forcing myself to actually work extra hours. i've been lazy with it. i keep missing those damn calls.

anyway, i had an interesting dream that i cleaned my room. like i actually cleaned it. i mean other weird stuff happened during the dream. it wasn't just me dreaming. that would be a boring dream. but it was probably the most productive dream i ever had. and now i'm kinda inspired to clean my room. the only thing is, in the dream, my room was bigger and i had like a wall of drawers of a variety of sizes so i was able to get all my odds and ends put away. it looked so pretty. and so clean. maybe i can utilize my closet space. my nose is starting to run at the thought of all that dust.

ughhh. i have to close 3 nights in a row this week. i'm missing so much tv. it's sad. tv makes me happy. i hate working nights. and with justin quitting, maybe i'll be able to work more days. or the worse may happen... closing for 5 nights in a row like that horrible horrible week at the cusp of july/august. i would really like to not do that again.
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