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when things were good.

So I just finished Swept Away. Yes, that Madonna movie. Because i've never seen it and always wanted to. even though i knew it would be bad. it's weird that guy ritchie can go from snatch and lock, stock to swept away. it's like, wtf? the movie was shot beautifully but the writing and the story is yuck. in fact, it's a really beautiful movie to watch if you just mute the sound. well except during montages because it's just music.

anyway, i was watching the special features and it's madonna and guy ritchie interviewing each other about the movie. and there's all this footage of their kids on set. really adorable stuff. madonna playing with her kids and feeding the baby. guy taking rocco and lourdes on a bike ride. and rocco smooching guy, which was sooooo cute! and then i realized, wait, they're getting a divorce and it made me sad. and it was kind of funny that i happen to watch this as the divorce is getting settled. and during the interview guy and madonna are being really cute together and asking silly questions and just goofing around. and one of madonna's questions to guy was, when did you realize that you were gonna love me for the rest of your life? and i thought, awww...they don't end up together forever. and they won't realize this until years into the future.

things at work suck right now.
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