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Know me like No One does.

Even still, you will not know the real me.

7 December 1983
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Heylo! Um...I have many, many interests. I'm a very open-minded person who is interested in everything in the world, mostly.

I am easily amused by little things. I love to laugh and can laugh uncontrollably. Me hyper is very scary. I can get very bitter and not fun to hang around. I can also be very happy and positive. I'm shy around people i don't know, unless i'm not intimidated. I get intimidated easily, depending on the situation. But i am not weak. I think I am always underestimated, which i hate. Anyway, i could go on and on so i'll shut up...

Oh and I feel like i need to say something here about the friends list thing. A friends list is a convenient way to view another person's entries. So asking me to remove you from my list doesn't stop me from reading your journal. However, if this makes you feel better to not see my username on your list, then fine. Also, if i add you, don't feel obligated to add me back. And please don't feel offended if i don't add you back.

Also, if i don't seem to comment on your posts this doesn't mean i don't read your journal. If you are on my friends list, I read every entry that you post, otherwise, why would you be on my friends page? If i don't comment, it's mostly because i don't really know what to say. Sometimes even, i'm just intimidated by your writing and so i feel any comment i make is inadequate.

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